Our ULTIMATE BOAT BLIND KIT offers the "best case scenario" of any boat blind on the market. The FLYWAY brand ULTIMATE BOAT BLIND KIT features an unpainted,1/8" Aluminum tubing frame, premium salt/rust resistant hardware kit, rot resistant netting, and nylon pivot points. Also available, is our industry-first blind frame oarlock socket system.


The blind frame attaches directly to the boat gunwales using threaded rivets. This system provides a "clean", finished look whether the blind is on or off the boat.


The blind is supported by a nylon strap system that can easily be put up and taken down by one hunter in seconds.


The netting is secured to the gunwales of your boat using our loop system. Along with securing the netting, the loop system also allows the attachment of our MONSTERGRASS which makes for a killer skirting system. MONSTERGRASS sold seperately.


FLYWAY is also a distributor of FASTGRASS brand grassmats, which in addition to our blind kit, completes the deadliest boat blind on the market.